Saturday, February 18, 2017

Season 1; Episode 7: End of the Line . . .

          The four Zealots stood atop the Empire State building, at the four corners of the roof. and far above, balancing on the tip of the needle, was the Headmistress, donned in the robes of Venus herself, and underneath, she wore the Lingerie that Venus had gifted. It was a day to be remembered for all of history, as the time came for the rebirth of mankind. Nay, Womankind. 
          Once she'd gotten her look around, The Headmistress looked up to the sky, and opened her arms to accept the spirit of Venus herself, and her eyes glowed bright with a pink light that shone in the night sky. Afterwards, she hopped down from the antenna, and walked back to the Zealots waiting patiently to defend her. she was about to make her way to the lobby when She and the Zealots were stopped in the hallway by a group of three men in suits.
          The main of them stepped forward and spoke, "Headmistress of the P.P.O. you are under arrest for sexual assault, harassment, and destruction of personal property. You are also under speculation by the United States government for acts of Treason. What say you in your defense?"
          Venus opened a portal in which several lingerie sets slithered out like snakes. the men pointed their guns at the living clothes, and the leader pointed his gun at Venus . . .

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