Sunday, August 12, 2018

Last Resort

Those of you who get this very specific reference; This post is for you. In fact, you probably won't be online when this post goes up. I know I won't.

Last Resort

Evan’s girlfriend was running out of options for the pokemon event that they were going to. She tried every pokemon she could think of, but none of them that he liked really fit the look she wanted.
It wasn’t until she learned about a magic cosplay that she could use for a perfect look. Without hesitation, she bought the outfit and waited for him to be distracted to force it over his head, pulling it down. Without much effort, the magic did its work, and with the pull down of the outfit, she watched his body transform to fit the dress.
She looked happily at her, uh, girlfriend. The Eevee dress was perfect, and with the shock too much in her eyes, it didn’t take much convincing to get the rest of the outfit on.
Evan, of course, had a dozen questions to ask. She eventually convinced him that she felt she had no other choice. She didn’t want it to seem like a last resort, but his, um, her stubbornness had forced her hand.
That next day, they went to the event and had a blast. The new body was a lot to get used to, but it was only temporary. But, maybe it didn’t have to be, and that’s the thought that excited Evan the most. After all, eevee was all about change.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Party Animal

Sorry I've been gone for so long. back again with more caps

This one was a request by a Deviantart fan.

Party Animal

Amanda’s boyfriend, Reed, was always getting on her for partying to much. But she couldn’t help it, the parties were so much fun. Reed started trying to get her out of it, at the same time, she was trying to get him into it.
She was convinced she could win if she could just show him what it was like to party. She hatched a plan, using a spellbook that she found in her mother’s locked trunk in the basement.
The spell she was called “Party Animal” and was a surefire way to get Reed out of his comfort zone and into some fun.
She invited him over to her house to talk, and as soon as he arrived, she cast the spell on him.
It was a good thing that Amanda was bi, because what came next was a surprise. Before her eyes, Reed was transformed into a woman. He got much shorter, but also curvier, and slimmed noticeably. With the longer hair and softer face, there was no recognizing her. 
Amanda was biting her lip as she looked at the beauty before her. The next hour was spent getting Reese and Amanda ready for the party that night.
That night was the most fun the two of them had ever had together. The new Reese was something Amanda could get used to. However, back at her house that night, the spell started to take its full effect. The animalistic side of it came out as Reese quickly became very dominant, pinning Amanda to the wall with a passionate kiss.
That night was the first of many long nights they spent partying, having fun, and rolling in the sheets.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

500k || Caption Committee Double-Up

Here's a couple caps written by my caption committee members Jade and Erron

Laundry Soap

So you might be wondering, "Damn that babe looks smoking" well guess what? That's me, I used to be a dude just chilling out on a normal day when I learned I didn't have any laundry detergent. So I went to the store only to learn the normal laundry detergent had run out, so I just nabbed some some brand called Obmib, quickly I got home and put the detergent in and got my laundry done. The next day I had no clean clothes in my drawers, so I went to get my laundry when suddenly some girl clothing launched out of my machine and grappled onto me! Suddenly my body started shifting and cracking, my body got shorter and slimmer, hair lushed out to be nice and blonde, my ass expanded to a plumper size, a pair of tits grew on my chest, and my manhood shrunk away and reformed into womanhood. So here I am, waiting for my only clothes for this body to dry as I get the wetness on my body off by catching the sun, hopefully that soap didn't change my mind, right sexy?~

Beach Dazed

Hello my name is Alex I was on my boat cruising around when I got stranded here. I’m a 24 year old male from Florida who just wants to go home. But ever since I got stranded here I’ve felt weird it all started when my body hair disappeared and the hair on my head grew to reach my butt within an hour. After that my clothes wouldn’t fit and started falling off because my body was shrinking well all except for my breasts and butt. It kinda hurt when my waist was sucked in and my hips pushed out but the feeling when my member was sucked in and replaced with a smooth slit was amazing... My names Alexis and I can’t wait to get back to the mainland.

Friday, June 22, 2018

500k || Part 1 || Written on their Boobs || Triple Treat

I can't fully express the joy I feel for getting this far. I lack the words. So, I can only thank you for everything, and offer this in return. a full weekend of triple treats.

Girl Gang

I was tired of sitting around at home all the time. I wanted to get out and going more. So, I went to town to find something to do. I made my way to a club in the lower part of town, out of the way of everything.
I was let in no trouble, but the majority of the people in this club were women. It wasn’t tagged as a gay bar or anything, so I figured I could get my choice of any to hang out with. There was this one group of women playing a game of cards, looked like Texas Hold’em. I wasn’t bad at poker, so I sat down at an empty seat. The woman who seemed to be leading the group gave me a look of annoyance, and sat back. 
“If you want to join the game, you gotta offer something good for the pot.” She motioned to the middle. I took out my wallet to throw some money in, and she stopped me. “We’re playing chips, no money. You gotta offer something else.” It seemed she could read my confusion cause she answered my question before I could ask it. “You put your freedom on the line. If you win, you get the chips, and you can take those to the bar for actual money. If you lose, you join our gang. We could use a new face.
I lost. I came out with a two of a kind and a three of a kind. The head woman had three of a kind and a full house. I don’t even know how she managed that. She threw a top at me, and told me to put it on. It was a clearly feminine cut top, with see-through fabric, and the words “GIRL GANG” plastered on the front of it. I struggled into it, not having much choice, since the bouncer was blocking the door. After i slipped it on i felt really odd. The rest of the night was a drunk blur, and when i finally came to, i was greeted by one of the ladies from the night before. She looked down at me. The Boss wants to see you, newbie. Time to get you fully initiated.
I sat up, my head groggy from the night before. I definitelly had way too much vodka. My hair was a mess, and I wasn’t even wearing a bra under my shirt, so my nipples were seen right through it. I wasn’t in any shape to get initiated, but apparently, they thought so. They had me pose with my hands in my hair for my member pic, and man did I look sexy. Just wish I could remember what happened last night.

Fuck it up Buttercup

. . . Is what Sophie’s shirt said. She had put it on to commemorate her new life.
Seth had always been rude to women, and because of this, he started to get the attention of the PPO. They understood that he was abusive during sex, which was almost always blowjobs.
They acted in the easiest way possible. They had a plant go to the club he was hitting up that night. She had more than an easy time flirting with him and convincing him to go to a back room with her. Once there, his other side came out, and he started to get very demanding of her. She did nothing but comply with every instruction he gave. When she got on her knees to suck him off, she opened her mouth and the pair of panties launched out and latched around his crotch, pushing very forcefully on his erect cock. All the changes that followed were too fast for him to keep up with. His shirt was torn by the breasts that grew, and the pain was immeasurable as his entire gut was sucked up inside him, and his crotch was pulled in as his belly flattened and his chest ballooned. Her long hair cascaded down and tickled her now bare shoulders, leading to the slim arms that now had matching legs as well
The woman stood up and looked over Sophie. “I see you came out perfectly well,” she laughed, “Don’t give me that look. Suck it up, buttercup. You seem to like sucking anyway. Guess you’ll get the other side of it now.”
Along with the new body came an insatiable hunger. Sophie couldn’t help but constantly be wanting to taste cum in her mouth and feel it roll down her throat. She was a cumslut and a cockwhore, and she knew it. There was nothing else to her now. But she didn’t mind, since it was so much fun

The Future is Female

After The Singularity, ways were found to produce sperm artificially that was X 100% of the time. This, combined with the growing political unrest in the world, led to many believing that men had simply become obsolete. 
Because of this, most men went into hiding, including Max. He lived in Arlington, Virginia, right by DC, and the heart of this whole event.
They didn’t know what to expect. Would all the men be executed, outcast, or abandoned? The slogan had been coined “The Future is Female” and it was everywhere.
Max failed to hide for very long, and was captured by some government agents who were responsible for rounding up men.
Max was brought to a facility were he was stripped naked and put into a chamber for hours as a gas filled it, choking out some of the oxygen.
Max thought for sure he would die in here, and was so busy trying to get out, he didn’t realize what had happened to his body.
When they let her out of the chamber, she was shipped right over to surgery, and then to the screening room for reeducation. She tried with all her willpower to resist, but it was just too powerful.
Six months later, Madeleine is walking down the streets of DC, wearing her favorite shirt that bears the slogan. It was a hot day, and she had enough confidence to lift her shirt to cool down.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


The reason for my absence these past few weeks has been due to my unemployment situation. I had to put all my time into finding a new job, and what spare time I had was used to sleep. This weekend will be back to normal.

As for the other things on my list.

I've wanted to, for a long time, set up a Patreon, however, there are several complications.
     -I cannot use copyrighted material, and so they would either be picture-less rewards, or using an animation studio like Daz Studios.
     -Patreon has become a notorious place for pirating. Flatulent patrons joining to get rewards, then leaving and distributing the rewards themselves. This in general is off-putting, as it spoils a well-made machine.

Patreon would not make previous systems I had in play obsolete. you can still, free of charge, request captions at any time. Patrons would get access to more unique features. These features would include but not necessarily limited to, requesting more complex or longer multi-part captions, access to special long captions involving 5+ parts, short stories and/or novella I've written, and comics I've been looking to start.

Mostly what I'm looking for is your guys' input. What do you think of this whole ordeal?

Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day

While it isn't normal for me to post serious stuff on here, this is a holiday I've always treated with great respect. Growing up in a military family, I've always had a very firm respect and value for the armed forces, and those who joined. I want to be sincere and somber with this, because the topic deserves the attention of everyone, even on a porn site.

I want to formally thank and remember the soldiers who've fought and died defending the place they called home. Soldiers who fought for humanity, dignity, freedom, and safety. In a world of changing morals, beliefs, and ideals, the military remains a beacon of integrity, order, and safety.

Let us celebrate today, not as a free holiday, but as a celebration of the lives laid down in the name of Liberty. The ones who put their lives down so that others could live theirs free, safe, and joyful. Soldiers who made the biggest sacrifice possible for the sake of people they don't even know.

Let us hold remembrance for the great heroes and sorrowful victims of the tragedies of the world. Remember those lives lost September 11th, 2001. Remember those lives lost at Columbine and all the other terrible shootings. Remember the victims of Boston, Vegas, and so many other terrible events.

All people taken from us too soon. Friends, Family, Neighbors, Employers, Employees. All having life cruelly taken from them before they could make their mark on the world, or taken while they made their mark on the world.

Most importantly, this Memorial Day, hold close the memories of the people you knew who were gone too soon. Even in a somber holiday, celebrate the life they lived, and the impact they had on your life.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Team Spirit

Here's a request from one of my DeviantArt followers. Link to my DeviantArt is on the side bar, just click the picture.

Team Spirit

Arthur was a huge Colts fan; especially their cheer team. He managed to get hold of special vip tickets to meet a couple team members after the opening game to the season. After meeting Luck and Howard, he decided to slip around back and find his way to the cheerleader’s locker room, and slip inside for a look. Trying to be as quiet and secretive as possible.
Unfortunately, the team had already left for the day, so he was just in an empty locker room. Kinda sucked, honestly. But it was at this time that the ghost of a woman who originally worked for the PPO was passing through. She had also been a fan of the colts, and occasionally drifted to the stadium, since she couldn’t seem to move on. She noticed Arthur, and realized her unfinished business, there was one last man she needed to teach a lesson to.
Arthur was caught completely off guard as the ghost penetrated his body and filled up every inch. He cold only watch as his body began to shift and change.
He was frozen as his body began to shrink and slim. And his hair cascaded over his face, blocking his view of most of the changes, but he could feel them. The growing pressure on his chest, followed by a new weight. A high feminine gasp was let out as her crotch was sucked in on itself so suddenly.
Three weeks later, the Colts are on a winning streak, and Amy is strutting with the rest of the cheerleaders, but she definitely has the most spirit.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Season 2; Episode 12: Conclusion

And so, the 2018 season draws to a close. be sure to vote for what you want the 2019 season to be about.

Thank you for joining me today, I believe this meeting went very well. We are more than happy to be enrolling your son as soon as this coming monday. 
We appreciate you taking the time to look over all our programs and what we have to offer. Your son will get the very same education as he would at any public school, as well as the discipline needed to fix the unruliness that he exhibits.
I promise you that your son will do better at our school than any other.
Don’t worry, everything from the school uniforms to the food he eats is provided by the school and covered in your expenses. 
On behalf of the entire staff here at The Academy, I would like to thank you for choosing us. Only the efforts of parents, students, and teachers can keep this school running at peak efficiency.
If we could just get your mailing address so we can send you the letters that he writes for you, we can finish this up.
Thank you. And sign there, and there. That takes care of the paperwork, you can drop him off on Monday. I promise you, when we’re done with him, it’ll be like a whole new person. I guarantee.

Friday, April 20, 2018

The New Strand

Is 4/20 still considered a bandwagon? Eh, I don't care.

Max was convinced that he needed to try the new strand of weed that had been going around. It was supposed to be really effective at making you really horny during the high. He figured it’d be fun to give it a try just for a night, so he got hold of a small bit of it for himself. 
That night he rolled up a few one-offs to enjoy, and sat down, taking his first puff. His computer was already set up on pornhub, so he could see what this heightened state was like before trying it with his girlfriend.
As he felt the high start to set in, he laid his head back to just enjoy it. This strand, though, wasn’t exactly meant for men. It was meant for women. Normally, it would just end up having no effect, other than the normal high, for guys. But this particular strand he got was unique. It was the dealer’s attempt at increasing his market.
As the high set in, things began to change. Max was lost in the high, and didn’t notice as his body began to shrink and slim. All he could do was let out a pleasured moan as two fleshy mounds rose from his chest, and hair cascaded past his shoulders. As far as he knew, it was just part of the high to feel the odd sucking motion of some unnatural force on his crotch. But it made her feel so good, so it couldn’t possibly be bad.
In the morning, all sobered up, Max saw what the search history was for the pornhub. As if this body wasn’t enough, every search was for massive cocks and strong men. She didn’t understand at the time, but she would soon as the highly addictive strand was already pinging in the back of his mind.

Three Months later, Molly is standing on the street corner, smoking another blunt. It’s all she can do to make the money needed to get more of the stuff. Not only that, but it curbs the constant need that the weed has given her. She hasn’t seen or talked to her girlfriend since the incident, and there are a few calls for the missing Max Tanner. But that was long in Molly’s past. She enjoyed her time as a hooker and slut weed smoker. Her home was in a guy’s bed.

Translator Widget

I now have a translator widget. Eventually I'll get to adding text to all my old posts, but for now, all new posts will also have the caption written out underneath. Now you can translate my caps if English isn't your best language or if you don't even speak English.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Season 2; Episode 11: The Escapees

You should know better than to run from the academy. they always find you.

Now, no school is without miscreants, but no school is without disciplinary action, either. Occasionally there will be students who… defect from the education that has been put before them. These students attempt to leave school grounds without proper permissions. Such students are dealt with promptly.
The punishment for attempted flight is to be brought into our Lower level lab. In this lab, students are hooked up to machines and feeding tubes that both give them food, as well as extract valuable body fluids, including lactation, sweat, and occasional pheromones through ventilation. The resources extracted from the subjects are what we distill down into the base hormones that are mixed into all of our water and food for the health of the students.
Their milk is a vibrant source of growth hormones that can be used in our pink pudding, when paired with breast tissue samples. The sweat and pheromones are rich in sex-based hormones and chemicals vital to maintaining a healthy and feminine body. While many of those in this situation see little of the sunlight, or other people for that matter, they soon stop caring, lost in the constant lust that they are subjected to for the sake of hormone rich fluid production.