Saturday, September 16, 2017

Return Part 2 || Triple Treat

You thought I was done with just one triple treat? No, no, no. I was gone for too long, so you're getting 3 triple treats. 9 captions in 1 weekend.

Next up is a caption written by my good friend Joshua

And last but not least is a special idea I may or may not have snagged from Carly. check out her blog at

Friday, September 15, 2017

FINALLY BACK || Triple Treat

I'm so sorry for being gone so long. I know I promised that I'd be getting back to you weeks ago. Finding work is crazy difficult right now, and I finally stabilized myself enough that I can focus on this again. to make it up to you, I'm doing a Triple Treat.

To start this one off is a caption written by my good friend Erron. He agreed to help me get back on my feet and get these captions rolling again. This caption also kicks off a whole new series that will be focusing on the transformations of Video Game Characters. Where better to start than the 32 year old Italian himself.

Next up is everybody's (or at least my) favorite swordsman

And now I break the trend of Nintendo to make a little bit of room for Bethesda.