The Academy

The Academy for Young Women of Character. specializing in turning even the toughest and most resistive troublemakers into respectable and generous members of society. Will take boys and girls, and send them home as well behaved as if they went to Military School, but without the harsh and degrating drills.

Bimbo Virus

A neurotoxin packing nano-virus that causes a spike in metabolism, combined with a sex overdrive and rapid physiological reassignment. Spreads via bodily fluids, including saliva, blood, semen, and the likes. Effectively turns the infected into the socially accepted term "Bimbo," being sex craved vessels for the virus to spread. Other symptoms include hot flashes, insomnia, paranoia, and insatiable hunger.

Double Sided

These are a fun one. usually consists of a picture containing two people, and a separate story for each person. The name is usually a play on words, and they two stories usually intertwine. basically a 2-in-1 package

The Island

A secluded island resort for all women to enjoy. even those who don't know they're women, yet. on island are several facilites specializing in the conversion, reeducation, and conditioning for all it's visitors. the goal is to reintegrate them into society as fun loving and carefree women.


Everyone has their obsession. For these busty girls, it's their own milky breasts. all they want is to be milked, and groped, and caressed, and will do anything to get it. some had lives before, but after their change, there's nothing in life but their breasts.

Panty Punishment Organization

A unique organization who uses magical panties created by the Goddess Venus to transform people physically and mentally into women. their targets consist mostly of the cruel and sexually exploitative type. Sexists, male or female, and the corrupt.


A Crazy scientist has sent plumes of pollutant into the air. But these pollutants are different. when mixed with water, like in rain, they can cause rapid hormone and gene shift. those caught in the rain can almost certainly expect to be changed.

Silver Sirens

A gang of sorts. they grow their number by kissing people with a special lipstick that induces rapid and uncontrolled changes to the person, eventually making them physically female, and mentally locked on the goal of converting more men.

Wish Witch

Far out in a wooded cottage lives the Wish Witch. Should you find her, she will grant you your heart's deepest wish. however, you must pass a riddle, or she will twist that wish into whatever she wants.

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